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“Ressentiment and Change Potential in Europe – A Social Psychology of Conflict Transformation”

The research project “Ressentiment and Change Potential in Europe – A Social Psychology of Conflict Transformation” aims to clarify the role of community formation in relation to (political) conflict. Stemming from philosophy, and recently being used mostly by political scientists, the concept of ressentiment has been psychologically understudied. On the one hand, it conceptualizes the idea of negative and hateful emotions being unconsciously transferred from their original starting point/cause to social issues that are completely disconnected, but then loathed and hated with a surprising intensity (Max Scheler). On the other hand, it can express a basic moral attitude of a victim of crimes against humanity towards the perpetrators of those crimes (Jean Amery). We can thus ask: How are community formation, belonging, and borders created by and beyond ressentiments? This question will guide the empirical design of a project proposal that aims to address the different levels: discourses and everyday practices.

This research project is a collaboration between SFU Vienna and SFU Berlin. It aims to integrate other SFU branches for qualitative data collection. We aim to apply for competitive EU research funding (Horizon 2020 or ERC research grant).

“Ressentiment and Change Potential in Europe“ emerged from „Geteilte Lebenswelten“, a socialpsychology research project that focuses on qualitative methods and brings together students of SFU Berin and SFU Wien.

Project Team: Prof. David Becker (SFU Berlin), Leonard Brixel, MSc. (SFU Berlin), Katharina Hametner (SFU Wien), Natalie Rodax, MSc. (SFU Wien), Nora Ruck (SFU Wien), Kate Sheese, MA (SFU Berlin), Mag. Markus Wrbouschek (SFU Wien), Paul Distler (SFU Wien), Sara Paloni (SFU Wien).