Studying without a secondary school leaving certificate

Admission test to study without a secondary school leaving certificate (Matura)

Since the amendment to the UG 2009 (Universitätsgesetz), the university admission equivalency test (Studienberechtigungsprüfung) has been regulated by the Austrian University Act (§ 64a) and at the same time was placed in the autonomy of the universities (§ 64a, section 15).

The AQ Austria board stipulates that private universities may carry out admission tests similar to an university admission equivalency test for applicants without a secondary school leaving certificate. However, applicants who pass such admission tests only have the right to study at the private university where the test was taken.

The examination details (prerequisites, subjects, requirements and methods etc.) for such admission tests are to be regulated in an Admission Regulation or in the Examination Regulations.

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