The lending of psychological diagnostics tests is carried out following a clearly defined procedure. This procedure must be adhered to by all means, as otherwise we can no longer offer our services.

If you want to borrow a psychological diagnostics test(s), the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Write to, which test(s) you want to borrow.
  2. Fix a date (either your desired date can take place or you will receive an alternative date from us). You will also be assigned a fixed time when you can pick up the tests.
  3. Pick up the test(s) at the designated place and time (keeping a safe distance and wearing mouth-and-nose protection!) and deposit the signed form.
  4. Return the test(s) at the time and date assigned to you.

If you disregard the rules or if you do not show up on the agreed date without providing a good reason, you will be blocked for two weeks at the time of allocation, as other students will be in default for any research papers, seminar papers or similar due to your behavior.

Contact Test Lending Psychology

Address: Freudplatz 1, 5th floor, room number 5017

  • Until the beginning of the semester, please make an appointment for borrowing tests.