The Faculty of Psychology at Sigmund Freud University Vienna offers a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programme in psychology.

Bachelor Psychology

The Bachelor’s programme in psychology offers a sound, up-to-date education in six semesters: the course of study aims at both providing a scientific training and professional qualification. With a thorough education in scientific thinking and acting, students are prepared for the needs of the job market and for subsequent Master’s studies in human and social science. The curriculum focusses on (quantitative as well as qualitative) social science research methods and on key qualifications relevant for the profession. Its social and cultural science orientation is an alternative to the hitherto predominantly scientific orientation of psychology studies. Programme graduates earn the internationally recognised academic degree “Bachelor of Science (BSc.)”.

In contrast to public universities, studying at Sigmund Freud University offers student-centred teaching and close personal support by lecturers. The Bachelor’s programme lasts six semesters, including the time required for writing the Bachelor’s thesis.

Master Psychology

The four-semester Master’s degree programme in Psychology (MSc.) builds on the knowledge and experiences gained from the Bachelor’s programme in Psychology (BSc.). Graduates will be awarded a “Master of Science, MSc.” (120 ECTS points).

PhD Psychology

The curriculum of the PhD programme (offered in German only) consists of two study phases with a minimum duration of six semesters. In the first phase, which is ideally completed in the first year of study, students develop a research project based on international practices of competitive research funding. In addition, students are supported in the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching assignments in the undergraduate study programmes of psychology and are involved in the supervision of scientific qualification work in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

The second study phase (minimum duration of two years) is reserved for working on the student’s own research project. Students acquire the special methodological and psychological-theoretical knowledge necessary for implementing their research project in continuously offered courses. In addition to the scientific staff of the faculty, university lecturers from other universities are also holding these courses (as required).