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Professional scope of an economic psychologist

Our approach

In Business- and Economic Psychology, we try to understand and support the human dimension of economic activities and institutions. Businesses and economic relations are dominated by a peculiar form of social interaction: commercial transactions, that is, the giving and taking of needed resources according to some specified norms and rules. The 21st century has brought about fundamental changes in the way we collaborate and exchange our services and goods. The digitalization of our economy poses opportunities and risks which need to be well understood to make well-informed decisions about how to collaborate best in this new economic environment. 

It is in this perspective of rapid changes that we have adopted a curriculum in which students are considered active partners who participate and decide in the development of their curriculum. This way, we hope to contribute to a new generation of academics and practitioners prone to take responsibilities and initiatives in an ethical economy of goods and services. Our team of researchers and professionals from the field is fully dedicated to sustaining and partner with our students in the development of their purposeful aspirations.

Our mission

To instill and foster purpose in psychologists’ vocation to sustain businesses and economic affairs according to the highest ethical standards and social responsibilities.


Researchers and Lecturers:

Univ.-Ass. Felicitas Auersperg, MSc.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. David Becker, Ph.D. (SFU-Berlin)
Univ.-Ass. Mag. Jost-Alexander Binder, MSc.
Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Tarek el Sehity, Ph.D.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Meike Watzlawik, Ph.D. (SFU-Berlin)

Associate Lecturers:

Dr. Martin Einhorn
Mag. Cornelia Kastner
Mag. Herbert Kastner
Visiting Prof. Mag. Dr. Clara Kulich, Ph.D.
Dr. Francesca Marzo, Ph.D.
Dr. Raffaella Pocobello, Ph.D.
Dr. Elisabeth Ponocny-Seliger
Dr. Sebastian Schuh
Dr. Ralf Sichler, Ph.D
Mag. Jennifer Stark
Univ.-Ass. Oliver Wegenberger, MSc.  

Master students (Xth 2020-21-22):

Information available in September 2020.