Social Psychological Research

In the field of social psychology, we work on research projects dealing with subjective experience and action in the context of social, institutional, discursive and socio-economic contexts. A special focus is on social inequality: stabilization and production of social inequality, psychological effects of social inequality, resistance and consciousness formation, etc.

It is particularly important to us that research and teaching are closely linked and that students are involved in teaching research projects and research internships. In most of our research projects it is possible to write Bachelor’s or Master’s theses or to participate in the form of a research internship (see below).

Ongoing research projects

The psychological is political. A recent history of feminist psychology in Vienna, 1972-2000

Kulturen psychosozialer Sorge 

Affekte des Postfeminismus: Ein Blick in die Alltagswelten post-feministischer Selbstkonzepte

International Research ClusterRessentiment and Change Potential in Europe (RECHANGE) 

  • Ressentiments as Collective Orientation – A Qualitative Research on Ressentiments as Psychosocial Processes in Everyday Contexts
  • Affective Belonging and the German Reunification
  • Everyday lives in Vienna – On living together in the light of political orientations
  • Of Crises and Men – An intersectional analysis of socioeconomic change and masculinities
  • SFUrope: Attitudes and Emotions of SFU Students and Academic Staff in 5 European Countries
  • Geteilte Lebenswelten

Detailed project descriptions can be found in the SFU Research Project Database