About Us

The main goal of the Institute for Statistics and Quantitative Methods at SFU Vienna, it is to impart statistical analysis methods and their implementation in an application-oriented and practical manner, in order to open up a space for critical questioning and practice-oriented discussion for students, in addition to the acquisition of central knowledge.
Our role in the university’s curriculum is therefore focused on conveying methodical knowledge, which can not only be applied to the context of an academic career, but may also be a necessary tool within the psychological practice.
Our courses offered in the Bachelor and Master programme at Sigmund Freud University Vienna include lectures as well as seminars for statistics and quantitative research methods, while guaranteeing a profound methodological education as part of the psychology studies.

Further areas of activities

  • Academic teaching
  • Statistical consultation for scientific quantitative theses
  • Consultation concerning SPSS, AMOS and SoSci Survey
  • Research activity (including cooperation with other faculties and institutes)

Potential concerns where we can help

  • Questions regarding planning (e.g. study-designs, sample calculation etc.) and evaluating quantitative research projects
  • Methodological consultation / advice for bachelor / diploma / master or doctoral theses
  • Support with digital data collection (e.g. using SoSci Survey)
  • Employee training (e.g. workshops, seminars, articles)
  • Questions regarding curriculum and teachings of statistics and quantitative methods
  • Requests for potential cooperation opportunities within quantitative studies

Any questions?
If you have specific questions, please contact us at statistics@sfu.ac.at

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Jan Aden, MSc.
Mail: jan.aden@sfu.ac.at