The Faculty of Psychology stands for the freedom of science and the freedom of research & teaching. In all study programmes, linking research and teaching according to the principles of research-led teaching and research-based learning is our central concern. Research and teaching are consistently oriented towards the principle of openness: openness means crossing traditional dividing lines – be it between different subjects (in the sense of interdisciplinarity) or between different cultures (in the sense of internationality). Within our discipline, the principle of openness stands for pluralism: we reject any restriction of curiosity (through orthodoxy and ideology).

Studying psychology at SFU combines professional skills and critical thinking

We are committed to the socio-political responsibility of academic education: We educate mature citizens who do not unquestioningly put their scientific expertise at the service of justification of social practices that are recognised as bad, but self-confidently at the service of critique of such practices. For this reason, the close connection between professional-theoretical, social and scientific-critical and professional-practical training is of great importance to us.

The principles of internationality, interdisciplinarity and – going beyond this – equal opportunities and diversity are reflected in the composition of our staff and students. Mutual respect determines our interaction at all levels, both at the faculty and at the university as a whole. Personal contact, individual support and an open-door policy are the guidelines that determine our cooperation with students. Individual initiative is strongly encouraged and development opportunities are identified. Promoting young talent is part of the faculty’s self-image.