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Monogamous partnerships, more intense family contacts, unsettled young adults: sociologist Barbara Rothmüller (SFU, Faculty of Psychology) has already gained a wide range of insights into the socio-psychological effects of the Corona pandemic with her online surveys so far.

In a follow-up study, she is now investigating changes in friendships, family planning, sexual attitudes, and experiences of discrimination.
→ online study

Media coverage:

The research project „FACE-lifting the Euro Banknotes“ by Stefan Hampl (SFU) has won the bronze medal in the research category of the „IIID Award for Information Design 2020“. In addition,  the project is part of the publication “Der schöne Schein – Symbolik und Ästhetik von Banknoten“. A special thanks to the editors Christian Thiel & Stefan Hartmann from the University of Augsburg.

How to keep romance alive in a pandemic? The outbreak is redefining our relationships – what does it mean to love in the time of COVID-19? Interview with Dr. Barbara Rothmüller (SFU) on Deutsche Welle News (interview starts at min 4:05 in the story).

Study on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality in times of Coronaby Dr. Barbara Rothmüller, Faculty of Psychology at SFU Vienna, in cooperation with the Kinsey Institute.

Media coverage on the study results:, krone.atrbb-Inforadio, Der Spiegel, ORF-Science, Die Presse,, WDR Cosmo, Kleine Zeitung, Ö1, Tiroler Tageszeitung, ÖN, Wiener Zeitung, DerStandard, Radio FM4, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, DiePresse, APA Science, Profil (Coverstory).

When every voice matters. Why co-production achieves great results – even more so in mental health services. Read more on the comparative research on co-production in mental health services by SFU researcher Tarek el Sehity et al in our news section.

New international research cluster at the SFU Faculty of Psychology: Ressentiment and Change Potential in Europe (RECHANGE). RECHANGE sets a strategic focus on ressentiment research from a psychosocial perspective to gain insights in the interdependencies of social and political changes and psychic-affective processes. Read more… Nora Ruck, Vice Dean Research at the Faculty of Psychology, is now a member of the editorial boards of the following journals: Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (Incoming Editor: Alexandra Rutherford), Social and Personality Psychology Compass, Section History/Philosophy (Editor: Peter Hegarty) and Review of General Psychology (Incoming Editors: Wade Pickren & Thomas Teo).



Family Purpose in the 21st Century
John Templeton Foundation awards a grant of $1,567,673 to Kendall Cotton Bronk (P.I.) of the Claremont Graduate University and to Tarek el Sehity (Co-P.I.) of the Faculty of Psychology (Division Business and Economic Psychology) at the Sigmund Freud University. Read more…

The Psychological is Political
On 8th November 2019, Vera Luckgei and Barbara Rothmüller, SFU Faculty of Psychology, presented latest research results from the FWF project “The Psychological is Political”, led by Nora Ruck, at the annual conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria at the University of Innsbruck. Read more…

What are the long-term effects of parental divorce on mental health?
The findings of a recent study carried out by members of the SFU Faculty of Pyschology (Vienna & Linz) and Modul University Vienna are now available

Presenting at ISTP (International Society for Theoretical Psychology) Conference
A student’s perspective:Having the opportunity to speak together with my supervisor Dominik S. Mihalits at an international conference such as ISTP provided me with major experiences and skills for my future as researcher… read more about Presenting at ISTP (pdf)

Mihalits, D.S. & Codenotti, M. (2019). A Conceptual Tragedy: Psychoanalysis and its use of studying defense mechanisms. Paper presented at the 18th Biennial Conference of the ISTP, Measured Lives: Theoretical Psychology in an Era of Acceleration, 19.-23.08.2019 at the Danish School of Education, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Psychology PhD Programme at SFU Vienna (offered in German) has been accredited by the Austrian Accreditation Authority on 23rd July, 2019 (decision received on 26th July, 2019). The programme is led by Prof. Gerhard Benetka. …read more

Mihalits, D.S. (2019). Time for reflection: Motivating with films. Invited lecture at the Second Annual Summer School of Cultural Psychology: Cultural Psychology and Human Development in the Life Course – an interdisciplinary Synthesis, 18.-20.06.2019, University of Luxembourg, Belval, Luxembourg

Mihalits, D. S. (2019). Cultural Psychological Re-Formulation of  go-Defence into Ego-Construction. Poster presented at the Second Annual Summer School of Cultural Psychology: Cultural Psychology and Human Development in the Life Course – an interdisciplinary Synthesis, 18.-20.06.2019, University of Luxembourg, Belval, Luxembourg

„What does toxic masculinity have to do with the current government crisis?“
Feature on radio FM4 from 25th May, 2019 with Ass.Prof. Nora Ruck: „Machismo and the Austrian Government – Part 1 to 3

Natalie Rodax und Markus Wrbouschek gave a talk on ‘Ressentiment as Disclosive Posture’ at the Workshop ‘Hostile Emotions. Philosophical and psychological perspectives.’ The presentation was held at the ZiF in Bielefeld from March 28th to March 30th, 2019.