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A research-based teaching project on attitudes and emotions of SFU students and academic staff in 5 European countries

Project lead: Prof. Dr. David Becker 
Project member: Sara Paloni
Project duration: 1/2020 – 12/2020

SFUrope is a research-based teaching project, led by Prof. Dr. David Becker (SFU Berlin), and implemented by Sara Paloni (SFU Vienna), in close collaboration with all SFU branches and with the support of the Institute of Statistics (SFU Vienna).

The project is divided in three phases: Phase 1 consists of an online survey exploring attitudes and emotions of students and academic staff of all SFU faculties and branches, in relation to three item sections: (1) Europe, (2) National Identity and (3) SFU. In phase 2 the European-wide survey results are distributed to all local SFU branches and faculties. The results serve as impulse for supervised group discussions in theory and method courses and for further research projects in every SFU branch. In phase 3 ten students from each SFU branch (50 students in total) will meet three days at the Friedensburg Schlaining (Burgendland/Austria) for an Autumn School. Together they will present and discuss the research results and the research processes. On the last day the students will have the chance to discuss these results with experts from the fields of history and peace studies.

SFUrope enhances the creation of a trans-national research network, helps develop and discuss different methodological approaches, and simultaneously creates an interesting set of research data in reference to a crucial topic. SFUrope aims to facilitate a process in which SFU students and academic staff reflect together on Europe and on the national-cultural contexts of their academic careers.

Everyday lifes in Vienna – On living together in the light of political orientations

Project team: Sara Paloni & Natalie Rodax, MSc.
Project page

Affects of Postfeminism: A look into the everyday-worlds of post-feminist self-concepts

Project team: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Hametner & Natalie Rodax, MSc.
Project page

Common life worlds (Geteilte Lebenswelten)

Project team: Christina Ayazi, Prof. Dr. David Becker, Leonard Brixel, M.A., Dr. Markus Brunner, Ass.-Prof. Katharina Hametner, Natalie Rodax, MSc., Ass.-Prof. Nora Ruck, Kate Sheese, M.A., Mag. Markus Wrbouschek
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Collaboration on the work edition of Siegfried Bernfeld’s writings – Psychosozial Verlag (Gießen)

Publisher: Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Ulrich Herrmann (Tübingen) in collaboration with Univ. Wilfried Datler and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Benetka
Editing Vol. 10: Psychologische Schriften (Psychological Writings) by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Benetka

Gustav Ichheiser Archive

Linked to the publication of the book Memories of Gustav Ichheiser – Life and work of an exiled social scientist (Cham: Springer, 2017) by Amrei C. Joerchel & Gerhard Benetka, Gustav Ichheiser’s writings in German, Polish and English are collected and published online.

Detailed information: SFU Research Project Database | Memories of Gustav Ichheiser

Cultures of psychosocial care

Project lead: Mag. Markus Wrbouschek
Project team: Mag. Julius Metzler, Mag. Gregor Wasicky (Staff); Claire Gutkowski, Claudia Krizek & Julia Struppe (research assistants working on bachelor projects)

This project aims to understand, from a social and cultural psychological perspective, forms of psychosocial (self-)care at the interface between everyday and professional contexts of caring. We specifically ask how everyday experiences and perspectives of caring (or being cared for) and professional care work encounter each other, imply each other, but also come into conflict?

In the current project phase, which runs until June 2020, we are using guideline-based interviews and reflexive grounded theory method to investigate how members of psychosocial occupational fields find their way to “their” field of interest and how their respective personal relation to their subject evolves in the context of everyday, educational and practical experiences.

Detailed information: SFU Research Project Database | Cultures of Psychosocial Welfare