Overview of ongoing, third-party funded research projects

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'(...) suitable for admission to an idiot asylum'. Psychology and psychiatry in the NS euthanasia programme at Klagenfurt State Hospital.

Funding body: The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria
Funding amount: 10.000€ 
Project duration: 1st Jan. 2024 – 31st Dec. 2025
Project team: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Benetka (gerhard.benetka@sfu.ac.at) & Lisa-Teresa Woller-Mensshengen

Digital Holocaust Memorial – Interdisciplinary Research Project on Remembrance Cultures in Austria

Funding body: The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, The National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism, City of Vienna, Otto Mauer Fonds, Federal Chancellery of Austria
Project duration: since March 2023
Project lead: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Benetka, Ass.-Prof. MMag. Dr. Stefan Hampl, Mag. Dr. Peter Daniel, Mag. Dr. Nicole Horn (nicole.horn@sfu.ac.at)

Connecting the Dots: Reconstructing the Social Production of Suspicious Knowledge

Funding body: DFG – Weave Lead Agency
Funding amount (total): 1,411,479.60 €
Funding amount (sub project AT): 338.381,70 €
Project duration: 36 months, project starts in February 2024
Project lead: Dr. Markus Brunner (SFU Vienna, markus.brunner@sfu.ac.at), Dr. Nils C. Kumkar (Socium, University of Bremen), Prof. Dr. Oliver Nachtwey (University of Basel) and Prof. Dr. Sarah Speck (Institute for Social Research; Goethe University Frankfurt)

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) for Syrian Refugees and Residents of Host Communities in Türkiye

Funding body: GIZ
Project duration: 05/2023 – 11/2023
Project lead: Dr. Kate Sheese (kate.sheese@sfu-berlin.de)

Sexuality in Austria 2022

Project duration: 04/2022 – 12/2023
Project lead: Dr. Barbara Rothmüller (barbara.rothmueller@sfu.ac.at)

Changes in the perception of Soviet history (using the example of family history and/or local history) among young people in Russia in the years 2000 - 2020

Funding body: Robert-Bosch-Foundation
Funding amount: 35.000€
Project duration: 03/2022 – 02/2025 (3 years)
Project lead: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Anna Schor-Tschudnowskaja (anna.schor-tschudnowskaja@sfu.ac.at)

The Psychological is Participatory. Feminist critical participatory action research with women’s counseling centers and their clients

Funding body: FWF (TCS 112 Top Citizen Science)
Funding amount: € 49,987.56
Project duration: 05/2022 – 04/2024
Project lead: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Nora Ruck (nora.ruck@sfu.ac.at)
Project team: Dr. Barbara Rothmüller
More information: https://psychologie.sfu.ac.at/en/research/the-psychological-is-participatory/

Theory, Practice and Consequences of Operative Psychology

Funding body: Österreichischer Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung FWF | Austrian Science Fund
Duration: 1 July 2020 – 31 Dec. 2024
Funding amount: € 302.841,01
Project lead: Ass.-Prof. DDr. Martin Wieser (SFU Berlin, martin.wieser@sfu-berlin.de)
More information: https://psychologie.sfu.ac.at/en/research/operative-psychology

Instahelp - psychological online counselling

Since November 2015, the team of the clinical psychology department have been operating an online platform for psychological counseling (Instahelp) in cooperation with the Graz-based company Insta Communications GmbH. This cooperation creates paid internship positions as part of the postgraduate specialist training in clinical and health psychology offered at the Faculty of Psychology, and offers new research opportunities in clinical psychology and media. 

Project lead: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Stetina (birgit.u.stetina@sfu.ac.at)

Enorm in Form

Impact of an interdisciplinary treatment of childhood obesity on inflammatory and immunological processes

The project is scheduled to continue until August 2024.
Funding amount (from Sept. 2019 – Feb. 2022): € 54.360
Project lead: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Stefana Holocher-Benetka (s.holocher-benetka@sfu.ac.at)