Buddy Programme

When you first start to study a new life begins. As with any life changing event, students may encounter challenges that are easier to handle when faced together.

Based on this, the Buddy Programme was initiated in the winter semester 2010. It is coordinated by the Career Center of the Faculty of Psychology.

Students from higher semesters help new students:

  • to answer questions related to the content of the psychology programme (e.g. on specific courses, lecturers, documents, etc.)
  • with questions regarding the formal procedures of the psychology programme (applications, organization, “to whom I address myself best when …” etc.)
  • with questions on living in Vienna (info, events, leisure activities, etc.)

The aim is to support students to successfully integrate themselves into the university system. In many cases this change may also involve a new living environment, entailing the need to build a new social network. By helping to build such a social network, the this integration process is supported. It is important for us to welcome our new students and to accompany them as best possible.

Duration of a Buddy activity

The duration of the Buddy Programme is one semester. However, it has repeatedly been the case that friendships formed during this time which remained close during the whole study duration.


The procedure of the Buddy programme is variable. We host a welcome event with all participants, organized in cooperation with the participants and the SFU Career Center. All further steps are organized by the Buddies themselves, with individual adaptation.

Benefits for Buddies

First-year students
• have a contact person
• benefit from the experience of experienced buddies
• are introduced to the university structure and student life in general
• integrate more easily into the university
• are introduced to new social networks
• get help settling in Vienna
• use resources more efficiently and have more time to focus on their studies

• further develop their social and communication skills
• have the opportunity to reflect on their own actions
• are supported in their personal development
• gain new ideas
• benefit from the experience of the first year students
• expand their network
• enhance their CV by participating in the Buddy Programme
• are”visible” for the university

Sponsored and organised by ÖH – SFU