Double Studies

You have the opportunity to graduate with a double degree in psychology and psychotherapy science at Sigmund Freud University. Each course of study encompasses an independent curriculum which must be fully completed in order to receive both degrees.

Based on Bologna regulations, it is in principle possible to enroll into a Master’s programme with a Bachelor’s degree. At Sigmund Freud University, the following applies:

• Enrollment into a Master’s programme in psychotherapy science is possible with a completed Bachelor’s degree in psychology, if all specifically required psychotherapy science courses are completed. A Bachelor’s thesis for psychotherapy science is not required; in such cases no Bachelor degree for psychotherapy science will be awarded. If two degrees are sought, two separate theses (one for psychology and one for psychotherapy science) must be written.

• However, it is NOT possible to enroll in the psychology Master’s programme with a completed Bachelor’s degree in psychotherapy science. This regulation is due to the Austrian Psychology Act, which states that a five-year degree course in psychology must be completed in order to carry the title “psychologist”. Hence a Bachelor’s degree in psychology is a prerequisite for entering a Master’s programme in psychology.

As part of a double degree in psychology and psychotherapy science offered at Sigmund Freud University, certain courses may be transferred, provided they have been successfully completed. To transfer credits, an official (and stamped) course certificate or transcript listing the relevant and successfully completed courses must be handed-in at the respective office or to the person in charge for transferring credits, and a request for a credit transfer must be made. E.g. if you have completed a course within the SFU psychotherapy science programme which you would like to have transferred, you must bring the official transcript to the psychology office and ask for a credit transfer.

In general, for any course to be transferred, the same amount of ECTS points or higher to those listed to the equivalent course must have been completed, otherwise no credit transfer is possible (an exception is made for scientific assignments).