Nation und Identity

Nation and Identity: A seminar for young Europeans

Univ.- Ass. MMag. Dr. Stefan Hampl

„Während des Projekts versuchen Studenten aus Deutschland, Polen, Österreich, Griechenland und Italien eine Antwort auf die Frage zu finden, was Begriffe wie Nation und Patriotismus für junge Generation heutzutage bedeuten, wie sehr die Nationalität unsere Identität beeinflusst und wie man Patriotismus heute definieren kann, ohne in die Nationalismusfalle zu fallen. Als Ergebnis wird eine Publikation geplant, die von den Teilnehmenden erarbeitet wird.“

The projects builds on a concept developed by the Kreisau Intiative for the integration of all people, independent of their social and national background or otherness through international youth encounters and international youth exchange.

Building Bridges
The project cycle has an aim to change this tendency and promote an inclusive approach in international youth work. Within the framework of a weekly meeting we bring together young people with and without disabilities, who have a chance to get to know each other, integrate, overcome obstacles and open to each other. Each meeting gathers approx. 60 participants (40 young people and their leaders and caretakers) from 4 countries and is devoted to a different subject.

German-Polish exchange of expertise
The German-Polish exchange of expertise is a bilateral youth encounter specifically aimed at school pupils who attend special vocational schools and whose mental abilities and social background call for strong support.

Dialogue Forum – experiencing interculturality
The aim of the Dialogue Forum project is to contribute to intercultural dialogue in Germany and in Poland, as well as between the two countries. Within the framework of a youth encounter, representatives of ethnic and religious minorities and majorities from each of the two countries meet in Kreisau to talk about cultural identities, to practice intercultural dialogue in everyday life, and to return home with more intercultural competence.

Fair Life
Youth encounter for young people with special needs. Sport is a constitutive element of Fair Life. The term fairness, up to now discussed in the abstract, is translated into real life situations with the help of sport. Within a workshop frame young people debate on the rules of society.

Art summer for children
Every summer children from Germany and Poland to Kreisau to do crafts and arts. Special art workshops encourange creativity, sensibility and thereby self-confidence of the children.

The Kreisau model
The Kreisau Model is an international training project that combines international youth work with the idea of integration. The training itself enables teachers who work with disabled people to work in an international framework, and gives teachers in the field of international youth work an understanding of the integrated approach. It is also used as a vehicle to reinforce and extend existing network and consulting structures, particularly in the participating countries of Eastern Europe.

List of participants:
1 Kreisau-Initiative Berlin Germany
2 Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
3 Associazione Bashù – onlus Padova Italy
4 University of Padova Padova Italy
5 Sigmund Freud University Vienna Austria
6 Akademie an der Grenze Vienna Austria
7 Poieinkaiprattein – Create and Do Athens Greece
8 DSH – History Meeting House Warsaw Poland