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What makes studying psychology at SFU so special?

The psychology programmes at SFU put an emphasis on cultural sciences and thus offer an alternative to the prevailing approach towards psychology as belonging exclusively to natural sciences.

Advantages of our special programme structure:

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills in small groups enables individual support and also guarantees the students’ involvement in how the teaching gets designed.
  • An efficient information flow ensures that innovative research fields tackled at SFU are also taught in a direct and prompt way. 
  • In addition, students may gain practical expertise in-house at the SFU’s Outpatient Clinic.

The psychology study programmes at SFU are offered in English and German. Find out more about our degree courses, research and events … 

So, why study Psychology at SFU?

Find out on the 19th January, 2021 at 6 pm at our next Online Information Event


Vera Luckgei is the new UN representative of the International Council of Psychologists

We are pleased to announce that Vera Luckgei MSc, lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Psychology is now officially the representative of the International Council of Psychlogists (ICP) at the United Nations in Vienna. Since the 1980s, the ICP has been represented in various NGO bodies at the UN in New York, Geneva and Vienna. Vera Luckgei is volunteering at the NGO Committee on the Status of Woman, Vienna.

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