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What makes studying psychology at SFU so special?

The psychology programmes at SFU put an emphasis on cultural sciences and thus offer an alternative to the prevailing approach towards psychology as belonging exclusively to natural sciences.

Advantages of our special programme structure:

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills in small groups enables individual support and also guarantees the students’ involvement in how the teaching gets designed.
  • An efficient information flow ensures that innovative research fields tackled at SFU are also taught in a direct and prompt way. 
  • In addition, students may gain practical expertise in-house at the SFU’s Outpatient Clinic.

The psychology study programmes at SFU are offered in English and German. Find out more about our degree courses, research and events … 

So, why study Psychology at SFU?

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New Book: Siegfried Bernfeld, Psychoanalyse – Psychologie – Sozialpsychologie. Studien und Diskussionsbeiträge zu ihrer Theorie und Methodologie 1913-1941. Werke, Band 10. Herausgegeben von Gerhard Benetka und Ulrich Herrmann. Mit einem Nachwort von Gerhard Benetka. Gießen: Psychosozial-Verlag, 2020

Latest Publications

Benetka, Gerhard, (2021). „Handwerker, aber nicht gerade … Handwerker der nützlichsten Gattung“. Zur Trennungsgeschichte von Philosophie und Psychologie. In Hans Werbik, Uwe Wolfradt, Andrea Lailach-Hennrich & Lars Allolio-Näcke (Hrsg.), Historische Entwicklung und aktuelle Perspektiven des Verhältnisses von Philosophie und Psychologie (S. 23-40). Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann.

Eichenberg, C., Grossfurthner, M., Andrich, J., Hübner, L., Kietaibl, S. & Holocher-Benetka, S. (2021). The Relationship Between the Implementation of Statutory Preventative Measures, Perceived Susceptibility of COVID-19, and Personality Traits in the Initial Stage of Corona-Related Lockdown: A German and Austrian Population Online Survey, Frontiers in Psychiatry 12:596281, DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2021.596281

Beiglböck, W. & Sabau R. (2020), Construction and Validation of a Caffeine Dependency Inventory. Journal of Caffeine and Adenosine Research, 10(4), 147-153. https://doi.org/10.1089/caff.2020.0006

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