Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology
at Sigmund Freud University Vienna

The approach to psychology taught at the Sigmund Freud University (SFU) is explicitly embedded within the cultural and social sciences.

In this respect, the SFU offers an alternative to current approaches of psychology as belonging to the natural sciences; an approach dominant in mainstream psychology and usually represented by most other universities.

Find out more about the degree courses offered in the International Programme at the Faculty of Psychology. 


New international research cluster at the SFU Faculty of Psychology: Ressentiment and Change Potential in Europe (RECHANGE).
RECHANGE sets a strategic focus on ressentiment research from a psychosocial perspective to gain insights in the interdependencies of social and political changes and psychic-affective processes. Read more…

Ass.Prof.in Dr.in Nora Ruck, Vice Dean Research at the Faculty of Psychology, is now a member of the editorial boards of the following journals: Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (Incoming Editor: Alexandra Rutherford), Social and Personality Psychology Compass, Section History/Philosophy (Editor: Peter Hegarty) and Review of General Psychology (Incoming Editors: Wade Pickren & Thomas Teo).


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Benetka, Gerhard, (2020).
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