Division | Social Psychology

To us, social psychology means conceptualizing the individual as a social being. Therefore, we put the relationship between the individual and society in the center of our work by combining historical and sociological analyses of societal contexts in which individuals live and act with psychological analyses of the subjective experience and processing of social positions.

We pay particular attention to the importance of social power relations and the intersectional entanglement of categories of social inequality such as race, class and gender. Because complex contexts can only be explored through the combination of different theoretical, methodological and disciplinary approaches, working in a team in which all members contribute their respective perspectives is a central concern to us.



Markus Brunner
Katharina Hametner
Sara Paloni
Nora Ruck
Natalie Rodax
Markus Wrbouschek

Third-party-funded project staff:

Elisabeth Parzer (currently on maternity leave)
Vera Luckgei
Nina Franke
Barbara Rothmüller


Johanna Nitsche
Vanessa Payr
Hannah Poltrum
Sandra Reisch