The Professional Profile of the Bachelor Programme Psychology, BSc.

The professional qualification for practical vocation learned within the Bachelor’s programme in psychology (BSc.) includes acquiring the following skills and professional profiles:

  • Communication skills and competences enabling graduates to detect and analyze potentials of individuals, groups, or potentials of whole systems and be able to independently, or where necessary in cooperation with other professionals, further develop communication skills and competences from a psychological perspective.
  • To read and understand scientific psychological and social research findings in order to implement these and find adequate solutions to current economic and social problems.
  • Students are thus trained to mediate between professional and scientific concern. This special focus of understanding and acting upon both scientific and vocational problems opens up job opportunities to graduates as psychological advisor to various professions within divers fields such as e.g. the health sector, human resource departments, advertising and marketing, education, etc.
  • Especially in the broad field of counseling, graduates will have been trained to combine scientific inquiries and empirical research with practical professional experience – a skill too often neglected particularly within this psychological field of work. The aim is first of all to recognize the lack of scientific expertise in these vocational fields (especially in e.g. supervision, coaching, and mediation) and secondly to resolve in their own practical work this shortcoming. On this basis, graduates will be able to critically reflect upon bad counseling practice in any professional contexts and to act towards elevating these male practices and thus professionalize the field.
  • Current structural transformations of social policy towards privatization of publicly funded social services requires not only economic, but more importantly also psychological and social scientific evaluation. This means that in the near future the need for experts, who are able to plan and implement quality assurance for private business developing social services will grow tremendously. The Bachelor’s programme in psychology (BSc) at the SFU is specifically designed to accommodate these needs and graduates will be able to provide a professional profile matching these kinds of job description.