Alexinomia: when it’s impossible to say names

Project lead: Ass.-Prof. Thomas Ditye, MRes, PhD (
Project duration: 01/2021-12/2024
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Changes in the perception of Soviet history (using the example of family history and/or local history) among young people in Russia in the years 2000-2020

Project lead: Dr. Anna Schor-Tschudnowskaja (
Project duration: February 2022 – July 2024
Project description (PDF, in German)

Psychological violence against women

Project lead: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Nora Ruck (
Project duration: October 2021 – September 2022
Cooperation partners: Women* advise Women*
Staff members: Janine Bühner, Vanessa Siebauer, Claire Gutkowski, Julia Struppe-Schanda

ShAffeC – Shared affective commitements

Project lead: Katharina Hametner ( & Dr. phil. Markus Wrbouschek (
Project duration: 01.10.2021 – 01.10.2022

Contact mapping – A collective autoethnography in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

Project team: Hadil Freihat (SFU Berlin); Kate Sheese (SFU Berlin); Anna Lange (SFU Berlin); Leonard Brixel (SFU Berlin); Katharina Hametner, (SFU Wien); Sara Paloni (SFU Wien); Mirjana Franković (SFU Ljubljana); Kristina Trstenjak (SFU Ljubljana); Stéphanie Larchanché (SFU Paris)
Project duration: 3rd Nov. 2020 – 31st Dec. 2022
Project description.pdf

Research Workshop: Corona protests

Project lead: Dr. Markus Brunner & Florian Knasmüller, MSc. (, SFU Wien), Antje Daniel, Felix Maile, MA. & Andreas Schadauer (Universität Wien), Verena Stern, MSc. (Universität Bielefeld)
Project duration: January 2021 – July 2023
Research report (in German)
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Everyday lifes in Vienna – On living together in the light of political orientations

Project team: Sara Paloni ( & Natalie Rodax, MSc. (
Project description.pdf

Affects of Postfeminism: A look into the everyday-worlds of post-feminist self-concepts

Project team: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Hametner ( & Natalie Rodax, MSc. (
Project description.pdf

Common life worlds (Geteilte Lebenswelten)

Project team: Christina Ayazi, Prof. Dr. David Becker, Leonard Brixel, M.A., Dr. Markus Brunner, Ass.-Prof. Katharina Hametner, Natalie Rodax, MSc., Ass.-Prof. Nora Ruck, Kate Sheese, M.A., Dr. phil. Markus Wrbouschek

Gustav Ichheiser Archive

Linked to the publication of the book Memories of Gustav Ichheiser – Life and work of an exiled social scientist (Cham: Springer, 2017) by Amrei C. Joerchel ( & Gerhard Benetka (, Gustav Ichheiser’s writings in German, Polish and English are collected and published online.