This project builds on a previous project „Developing staff care for PEMS partners“ implemented on behalf of the GIZ. The PEMS Project aims at improving access to medical care and psychosocial support/ psychotherapeutic treatment for the local population and IDPs in selected regions in Syria. In the Mental Health and Psychosocial support (MHPSS) component the salaries of health staff are paid to secure jobs and maintain psychosocial services. In addition, a second activity concentrates on the basic and continuing education, training, and employment of psycho-social support workers (PSWs) and medical staff in psychosocial support (PSS) and psychotherapeutic treatment.

Our current project, „Sustaining staff care in Syria“, falls under the MHPSS component under the development and implementation of a self-care strategy for medical and administrative staff in health facilities. The project supports PEMS’ two implementing partners in continuing to develop and maintain their own staff care policies and ensure their sustainable implementation.

Projektteam | Project team

  • Projektleitung / Project Lead: Dr. Kate Sheese
  • Research Associates: Nina Schöler and Julia Gerlach
  • Projektmitarbeiter:innen / Project members: Nina Schöler and Julia Gerlach

Methode | Method

Participatory workshops with staff care coordinators in both organizations to adapt policy in response to changing conditions and to develop mixed-method/participatory evaluation methods that suit the particular organizational context and goals.

Fragestellung(en) und Hypothesen | Question(s) and hypotheses

How can organizations working in fragile contexts be supported to develop and sustain contextualized staff care policies, structures, and practices?

Fördergeber | Funding body


Projektlaufzeit | Project duration

01.12.2022 – 15.06.2023

Bei Interesse am Forschungsprojekt kontaktieren Sie bitte die Projektleitung | If you are interested in the project, please contact: Dr. Kate Sheese,