If you would like to conduct an online survey, Sigmund Freud University provides you free access to the SoSci Survey software. In addition to standard features such as encrypted data transfer, support for mobile devices (responsive layouts), simple and dynamic filtering, data export in SPSS / Excel and pretest options, SoSci Survey offers over 30 different question types, the exchange of questions between survey projects, customizable questionnaire designs, and an extensive user manual including tutorial videos as well as the individual assignment of access rights per research project by the project manager. More detailed information on the features of SoSci Survey is available here.

How to

If you would like to use the software, please read the account form, sign it and return it to the Study Service Centre of the Faculty of Psychology – or scan the completed form and send it to statistics@sfu.ac.at. As soon as we have received your form, your account will be activated and you will receive an e-mail with your access data.